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Courts Service – the excellent Beta page of the Irish Courts Service with the legal diary online, information about courts nationwide, links and court decisions.

Supreme Court of Ireland – the latest and most relevant judgments from what remains Ireland’s final court of appeal.

Irish Statute Book – all Irish statutes from 1922 in a searchable database, plus the Irish Constitution and statutory instruments. An invaluable resource.

King’s Inns – responsible for the training of barristers in the Republic of Ireland. The site provides information about the diploma and degree courses, with lists of the subjects to be studied. There’s also a brief history of the Inns, my alma mater.

Law Library of Ireland – the home of most of Ireland’s barristers, with limited information about the Irish court system, the barristers’ code of conduct, pictures of barristers, how to qualify as a barrister, plus links to worldwide legal sites – though there’s no link to this site!

North of Ireland Bar library with useful information about the barristers’ profession in the Six Counties.

Law Society of Ireland – this site informs the public about the work of (a record number of) Irish solicitors, and includes back copies of the award‐winning Law Society Gazette, as well as information for the public, solicitors and trainees.

UK Law (an Irish overview) – containing more than 400 listed articles, all free!

Department of Justice and Equality – a range of topics, including applications for Government bodies, the CVs of most of the ministers and the latest press releases and speeches.

Law Reform Commission – including consolidated acts and statutory instruments in Ireland as a result of the Commission’s mandate to keep the law under review as part of the eLegislation Group.

IrishLaw – one of the original and most comprehensive sources of Irish law on the internet. Not a great design, but it includes the IrishLaw list, an e-mail discussion list on Irish and Northern Irish law and a list of forthcoming legal events.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute – comprehensive, up-to-date cases and legislation from Ireland (north and south), England & Wales and Scotland, with European Union case law, Law Commission reports, and other law-related Irish and British material. Another invaluable resource!


Cassidy Law – the website of top media lawyer Pamela Cassidy, with a special focus on broadcasting, publishing and media issues.

Deirdre K Ryan & Co – in Roscrea, Co Tipperary, has prayers “to lift the spirit”. An unusually pleasant feature on a solicitor’s website.

John Glynn & Co – commonsense advice (in Polish, Lithuanian, Hungarian and Slovak, as well as English!) on matters like accidents, house purchases, employers’ liability and making a will.

Joe McNally – a personal injuries website from helpful solicitor Joe McNally.

Arthur Cox – up from number two to number one (in terms of practising solicitor numbers – 294) in 2018!

A&L Goodbody – an international Irish law firm, with six offices in Ireland and the United States. Named one of the best places to work in Ireland in 2019.

Matheson – a firm for ‘internationally focused companies and financial institutions doing business in and from Ireland’.

McCann FitzGerald – ‘progressive delivery’ is the firm’s response to changing requirements.

Mason Hayes & Curran – sponsors of the Plain English annual awards and winner of Irish Firm of the Year 2019.

William Fry – corporate and commercial expertise across the business sector..

ByrneWallace – a budget briefing video produced by the sponsors of the annual ‘Technology Ireland’ awards. Sadly, the former managing partner has now retired!

Northern Irish Solicitors – Delia Venables’ full list of solicitors in Northern Ireland.


UK statute law – the official revised database of all United Kingdom primary legislation since 1267 (including the U232 Aghafad Road (Rubble Road), Newtownstewart (Abandonment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2014!).

Compact Law – free advice on English and Welsh law, with excellent articles on topics like accident claims, adoption, consumer affairs, employment law, injunctions, legal aid and legal documents.

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary – judgments of the Court of Appeal and lower courts, practice directions, court lists and other information.

Delia Venables – a comprehensive list of links to legal pages throughout the world.

House of Lords – judgments of the United Kingdom’s final court of appeal until 31 July 2009, with a search facility.

Supreme Court – judgments of the United Kingdom’s final court of appeal in civil matters. It also hears appeals in criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and cases of public or constitutional importance.

Law Commission of England and Wales – details of law being reviewed in the areas of common law, company and commercial law, criminal law, property and trust law and statute law, with full texts of recent publications.

Ministry of Justice – the former department of the Lord Chancellor and Department for Constitutional Affairs is now responsible for the administration of justice in England and Wales. It covers such topics as court management, the judiciary, legal aid and even the statistics on applications for gender recognition certificates.

Templeman Library – University of Kent’s comprehensive list of world-wide legal links.


Australasian Legal Information Institute – a great Aussie page, with umpteen gigabytes of raw text materials and millions of searchable documents on almost 600 databases. AustLII publishes primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals) and secondary legal materials created by public bodies, such as law reform and Royal Commission reports.

Biddle Law Library of the University of Pennsylvania – legal research websites.

Court websites – US state court-related sites, and links to international court sites.

FindLaw legal resources – comprehensive legal resources on line including law reviews, employment, legal organisations, law firms, US Supreme Court opinions, foreign and international legal links, legal practice materials and even message boards and chat...

Global Legal Information Network – a guide to international legal materials prepared by the US Law Library of Congress and linking to government and legal information sources worldwide.

Fee Fie Foe Firm – search engine that looks for the websites of US law firms, allowing users to find legal experts, legal commentary, media releases and more.

The International Academy of Family (formerly Matrimonial) Lawyers – aims to improve family law practice throughout the world, though it only shows nine Irish members.

Law and Justice Foundation – an initiative of the Law Foundation of New South Wales, with access to wide range of Australian and international legal materials and the best legal websites to assist legal research. The Foundation operates a number of justice projects, and a legal access grants programme.

New Mexico Second District Court – virtual courthouse, with everything you always wanted to know about law in New Mexico. One of the first courts on the internet!

Gridley, Ward & Hamilton – Utah personal injury lawyers who now occupy my great-great-uncle Dennis Smyth’s historic house in Ogden (pictured).

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