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(The watermark on this site is based on my drawing of
the Four Courts on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin)

I qualified as a barrister in Dublin, Ireland, in Trinity term 1995. A barrister is a lawyer who specialises in court work and expert opinions.

The Code of Conduct
for the Bar of Ireland says that:

In Ireland, a barrister may only carry out work if instructed by specified categories of professionals, including:

and – in connection with non-contentious matters –

Outside Ireland, a barrister may work for

You may e-mail me by clicking on this link. However, sending me an unsolicited email does not create a lawyer‐client relationship.
For various reasons, including absence and workload, email may go unread for some time.
Deadlines are vital in many legal matters and you may lose important rights if you do not immediately ask a solicitor to advise you.
Any email you send me may not be protected by lawyer‐client privilege and,
unless your email is encrypted, it may be intercepted and read by someone else.

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